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Scholarship, Edusave, Best Improvement Awards!

Mdm Ng, has more than 28 years teaching experience in English, Mathematics and Science, Mdm Ng makes her lessons interesting and lively, so that her students enjoy learning and hence improve their academic performance, obtaining Good Results. 


Some of the students came to Mdm Ng with performance of about 70%, had improved to above 85%, or even better in English, Science and Mathematics, after attending her Well organized small group tuition lessons.  


As a result of attending Mdm Ng, small group tuition lessons, some of her students received Scholarships, Edusave Scholarships, Edusave Awards, Good Progress Awards and were able to get into Singapore Top Secondary Schools, (PSLE cut off point).     Mdm Ng, 98510078  黄老师,    Blk 258D Compassvale Road. opp Sengkang MRT, Compasspoint tuition, punggol tuition, singapore, tutor, tuition, sg, 

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She has obtained good result 97.3 percentile rank in the children Vocabulary test, her vocabulary is much larger than the average of children of her age in Singapore, her score is almost at the top. 

She also did very well in her school mathematics examination; she scored a perfect full mark 100%! 


 The importance of a vocabulary.        Talk : Vocabulary.  

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P1 tuition, @ $100, Preparatory,
P1 tuition, @ $100, Pri1 tuition,
P2 tuition, @ $100, Pri2 tuition,

@ = 2 hrs X 4 Session. 2 subjects. P 1, P 2, English Tuition,  Mathematics Tuition, Primary School, Tuition Sengkang, Small Group Tuition, Punggol Tuition,


P3 tuition, @ $110, Pri3 tuition,
P4 tuition, @ $110, Pri4 tuition,
P5 tuition, @ $120, Pri5 tuition,
P6 tuition, @ $120, Pri6 tuition,

@ = 2 hrs X 4 Session. 3 subjects, tuition, English Tuition, Maths Tuition, Science Tuition, P, Pri, > Primary school, home tuition, P 3, P 4, P 5, P 6, tuition, tuition punggol, Psle tuition, Sg tutor, Singapore Group Tuition, 

S1 Tuition, @ $120, Sec1 tuition,
S2 Tuition, @ $120, Sec2 tuition,
S3 Tuition, @ $130, Sec3 tuition,
S4 Tuition, @ $130, Sec4 tuition,
S5 Tuition, @ $130, Sec5 tuition,
@ = 2 hrs X 4 Session, English Tuition, only, S, Sec, Secondary school, tuition, s 1, s 2, s 3, s 4, s 5, tuition, sec 1, sec 2, sec 3, sec 4, sec 5, group tuitions Sengkang, Home Tuition, punggol tuition, Singapore Tutor,
Mon - Fri : 14.00pm to 18.00pm
Sat - Sun : 08.00am to 13.00pm

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